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We’ve all heard about Groupon and all the great ways to save on Entertainment and Restaurants. But did you know that Groupon now has a new App called Snap? I’m pretty excited about this new app because it looks like it’s going to be super easy to use. My favorite feature is that you can shop at ANY store! Plus some products you don’t even have to buy specific brands. For example:

     Snip20150410_6            Snip20150410_5        Snip20150410_4

Who doesn’t buy any of these products? Just by buying products that we buy anyway we will get money back! There are a few items to note:

  • You won’t get any money back until you reach a minimum of $20. Once you hit that threshold you will be able to request a check mailed to you.
  • Rebates for products have a limited amount. If the limit is hit it will look something like this:



  • Some products can redeemed more than once! The number is listed on the specific product’s detail page
  • Snap is completely free. But if you don’t use it for over 12 months, they will start charging a monthly maintenance fee, that will come out of your cash balance.
  • Sign up here.

From what I can see, the best way to use Snap by Groupon is to look over the offers before you go shopping and see if there are any products that you need on your shopping list! Then once you have done your grocery shopping you can snap a photo of your receipt and get cash in your account! I can’t wait to get started!

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