Sweetie Apples – New Variety of Apples from WA Now Available at Safeway

sweetie apples

Sweetie Apples 

With the start of fall, apples are showing up in the produce aisle in a big way. Sweetie apples, an intensely sweet and crunchy new apple variety from FirstFruits of Washington, has made its appearance at Safeway this week.

Developed in New Zealand, Sweetie is now grown in Washington State by Broetje Orchards in Prescot Washington.  Sweetie™ is a sweet, juicy and crunchy cross between Braeburn and Royal Gala apples. Its naturally sweet flavor combined with its firm texture makes it great for cooking or snacking.

Sweetie apples are on sale for just $.99/lb at Safeway through October 16th.  I picked up a bag of the new Sweetie apples and I will say I love them!  A gala apple girl at heart, I’ve always felt that Braeburn apples are a little too sweet for my palate, but the Sweetie is crunchy, sweet, yet tart, but with a unique flavor of it’s own.

These apples are full of flavor, highlighted by an intense sweet taste and crunchy texture. It’s not just their great taste, Sweeties also have a  beautiful red blush on a golden-green skin.  Quantities are limited, so hurry into your local Safeway to pick them up while they are still in stock and in season!

Sweetie Apples Sale

  • Sweetie Apples on sale for $.99/lb. at Safeway through October 16th
    • Final Price = $.99/lb, save 50%

sweetie apples at Safeway

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