15 Ways to Save at Safeway

15 ways to save at Safeway


Here is our video we created about 15 easy ways to save at Safeway.  Enjoy!


Saving at Safeway has never been easier.  Here are 15 ways to save that every Safeway shopper should know.  Everything from the hot Just for U app, coupon doubling, green tag sales, $5 Friday deals and more, we break down the best ways for you to save at Safeway!

1.  Sign up for Just for U Savings Program

just for u

Just for U is Safeway’s loyalty program that allows you view the weekly ad from your smartphone, add digital coupons that come off at checkout, see club prices that match your shopping history and also get personalized prices based on your purchases.  You can also track your fuel reward points using the Just for U app.  It’s a free app that you can download here, or use the program from your computer if you don’t have a smartphone. 

2. Personalized Prices

personalized prices

The more you shop, the more you can save with personalized prices and custom tailored offers in the Just for U app. Safeway also rewards you with free offers and high value coupons for being a loyal Safeway shopper.  It pays to shop one store consistently.  These personalized prices must be added to your Just for U account before you enter your phone number or swipe your loyalty card at checkout.  Personalized prices are customized to you based on your shopping history and purchase patterns.

3. Safeway Doubles Coupons up to $1

double coupons

For newspaper insert coupons and printable coupons, Safeway doubles the value of those coupons up to $1.00. So, a $.50 coupon is worth $1.00, a $.40 coupon is worth $.80.  You get more mileage out of your coupons at Safeway.

4. Stack Sales, Just for Store Coupons and Manufacturer Coupons with Rebate Apps at Safeway

coupon stack


At Safeway you can stack manufacturer coupons with in-store ad coupons and rebate apps.  Anytime there is a Just for U clip or click coupon in the ad, be sure to look on SuperSafeway for any matching printable coupons or in the coupon database for any insert coupons or rebate app offers because you can triple stack your way to savings at Safeway.  Simply load the Just for U store coupons to your account and present the manufacturer coupon at checkout.  Not all Just for U offers are store coupons, so be sure to recognize a store coupon from a manufacturer coupon by looking at the actual Just for U coupon.  When it says store coupon, you can use a manufacturer coupon with it.

store coupons

 5. Save 10% on groceries when you get a flu shot

flu shot

If you need flu shots for your family – your local Safeway pharmacist can help. Stop by the pharmacy to get a flu shot and save 10% on your grocery purchase.

6. Let the butcher cut your meat any way you like it



Safeway cuts all their fresh beef, chicken and pork in each store daily.  This means that you can get a custom cut of meat anyway you like it.  For example, when a roast is on sale for under $4 a pound, you can ask the butcher to cut the roast into convenient smaller size packages for your family that you can freeze.  Or if you like your steaks a little thiner, Safeway can custom cut them to your liking.  This is another easy way to save on meat at Safeway.

7.  Green Tag Sales

green tag

Safeway runs a Buy 4, Save $2 Green Tag sales where you get an extra $.50 discount per item when you buy 4 participating Green Tag items. This is one of the easiest ways to save at Safeway because these sale prices are often 40% – 50% off the base price.  You can use coupons and cash back rebate apps on top of the Green Tag sales, bringing your total savings to 70-80% off the base price.  What we also love about these sales is that Safeway advertises all of the sale prices up front, there is no guessing what is included or needing to pick up a special insert to hunt for deals throughout the store.

 8. Cash in Your Quarters Sales

quarters promo

Safeway frequently runs Cash in Your Quarters Promotions where all participating items are on sale for $1.00 or less.  Each item will be sale priced in $.25 increments.  This is a great time to stock up on canned foods, frozen burritos and other items heavily discounted under $1.00.  It’s like using spare change for groceries!

9. Manager Specials

manager specials

Be on the lookout for Manager Special red tags throughout the store.  When Safeway has an overstock of items, they can discount them at the manager’s discretion.  This varies by store and item, however it can be a great way to save on items at Safeway.  Also check the meat department for clearance items. When meat is nearing it’s “sell-by” date, Safeway will discount it up to 30% to move it quickly.  The meat clearance section is a a great place to find steaks and roasts for a great value first thing in the morning because the butchers check each package of meat daily for items nearing their “sell by date”.  Just be sure to cook the meat that evening or put it in the freezer immediately when you get home.

10.  10 for $10 Sales

Safeway's 10 Items for $10 Sale (1/27 - 2/2)

Safeway frequently runs 10 for $10 sales.  You do not need to buy 10 items to get the $1 sale price.  You can buy one item for just $1.00.  The same rule applies when you see 2 for $4 or 3 for $5.  Those tags are meant to get to you buy more, but if you just need one, don’t be fooled into thinking you have to buy 10 of each item to get them for $1.

11. Save $5 Instantly When you Spend $40 on Baby Care Items

baby days

Every day is baby day at Safeway!  Save $5 instantly when you spend $40 on participating baby products in a single transaction.  The participating items include diapers, wipes, training pants, baby food, baby toiletries and even some baby feeding products.  You can use coupons on top of this, however if you use the Just for U Digital Coupons, you have to reach the $40 min after digital coupons, or before newspaper or printable coupons.  It’s an easy way to save on baby care at Safeway.

12. Fuel Rewards

gas rewards


Every $1 spent at Safeway on groceries or pharmacy items equals one point. Every $1 spent on gift cards equals 2 points.  Every 100 points earns you $.10 per gallon in rewards.  So the more you shop, the more fuel points you can earn to save at the pump.  Every so often Safeway does 2x’s reward points when you spend a minimum amount on groceries or when you buy during a special promotional time.  This is a great time to stack up on the fuel rewards points and save on gas from Safeway.

13. Military Discount

military discount

If you are active or retired military, you can save and extra 10% on groceries at Safeway the first Saturday of every month.

 14. Save on Organic and Natural at Safeway

organic and natural


Safeway has great selection and prices on organic and natural meat, produce, canned foods, snacks, bread, dairy, eggs and cheese with the Open Nature and O Organics lines.  Check the Just for U app for additional savings, personalized prices and coupons on O Organics and Open Nature items and on organic produce.  You can also use the ibotta or Mobisave cash back rebate apps to save even more on organic produce as they often have rebates for bananas, oranges, onions, lettuce and more.

15. $5 Friday’s and Just for U Weekend Savings

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.14.05 PM

Safeway often runs $5 Friday sales where they have a special page in the weekly ad dedicated to deals in a $5 increment.  5 for $5, 2 for $5, 3 for $5, etc.  These prices are discounted well below market average and it’s a great time to shop and stock up when the $5 Friday sales occur.  In the off-weeks when Safeway is not running a $5 Friday sale, they have special Just for U Weekend Savings offers that are available only when you add them to your Just for U account.  These special prices are also heavily discounted in an effort to get you to shop on Friday or Saturday and also take advantage of the hot digital coupon deals.

Litehouse Dressing Sale $2.50

And most importantly, follow Super Safeway for all the best deals at Safeway.  We post a Safeway weekly ad preview every Tuesday morning with a preview of the ad starting the next day, we do a comprehensive sale and coupon matchups post and highlight the best deals in the weekly ad by using coupons, we put together meal plans based on sale items, publish a best deals round-up and also publish an organic and natural deals round-up so you will always know the best deals at Safeway each week.

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    1. hi Michael – you can take advantage of all the deals but the military discount online. Just be sure to load the offers to your Just for U account before you shop. For the pick 5 or more promotion – be sure to buy 5 or more participating items from the ad. Those will not be shown with the sale pricing online, however, when your order is shopped you will get the promo pricing as long as you have met the min purchase of 5 items.

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