DIY Graduation Cookie & Cupcake Kits Now Available at Safeway


DIY Graduation Cookie and Cupcake Kits

Let your creativity shine and sparkle as you wow your guests with beautifully decorated cookies and cupcakes for an upcoming graduation party.  New at Safeway, the bakery has fabulous DIY graduation cookie and cupcake decorating kits available to make your celebration extra special. 

The kits can be customizable to any icing color and matching sprinkles of your choice so that they will fit your party theme or match your child’s school colors. 

The kits come with cookies or cupcakes, 3 icing tubes, sprinkles, and diploma scrolls with a red ribbon along with black graduation cap ring decorations.

There are three options available for the kits:

  • 18 sugar cookies with 3 icing tubes, sprinkles, and graduation decorations
  • 6 white cupcakes with 3 icing tubes, sprinkles, and graduation decorations
  • 6 chocolate cupcakes with 3 icing tubes, sprinkles, and graduation decorations

The kits retail for $6.99, which is a fabulous value for all of this.   You can special order the kits from your local Safeway bakery in time for your event.  

The cookies are so delicious – soft, chewy and so full of flavor.  It will be hard to resist eating them while decorating. 


Tips for Decorating Graduation Cookies and Cupcakes

Decorating cookies is fun and while you can just spread the icing and top with sprinkles and the graduation accessories, I’ve found it’s more fun to get creative with the icing by using various piping tips and using multiple colors on the cookies and cupcakes. 

You can pick up Wilton decorators’ tips in the baking aisle at your local Safeway, or at a craft store.   The tips are not included in the kit but are very inexpensive to buy. 

If you plan to write the year or the graduates’ name on the cookies, you’ll need a round cake decorating tip #2.

I also used the 4B tip and the 1M tip to create the pretty drop accents on the edge of the cookies.

The icing will harden after a few hours, so you can stack to store if necessary.   Although I would plan to store the cookies flat if at all possible so that the cookies look as pretty as you designed them for the party.

For the cupcakes, you can get creative by combining 2 icing tubes in one decorator tip so that you have multi-colored icing on the cupcakes.  I used the Wilton 2A piping tip for the cupcakes, but you could also use the 1M tip for a fancier design.  

There are no rules – it’s all about having fun and being creative. 



Whether you are going for a traditional black and gold event, or including school colors, or a shabby chic event, you can get as creative as you want! 

In addition to the sprinkles and graduation accessories already provided in the kit, Safeway has many options of sanding sugars and sprinkles in the baking aisle so you can truly customize the cookies any way you want. 

Setting up a Dessert Charcuterie Station

Make your graduation dessert table stand out by using boxes, trays, cupcakes stands or cake stands to elevate the desserts and make them stand out.   You don’t need to bake everything yourself!  Safeway has a full assortment of baked goods from which to choose for the party. 

You can order trays of brownies, cookies, blondies, cupcakes, madeleines, fresh fruit platters, and more.  New this year, Safeway is also offering donut towers, which are stacks of customizable glazed donuts topped with graduation decorations. 

Safeway is also offering bundt cakes, which will be in stores in the bakery cases starting May 3rd. 

You can view and order many of the bakery and deli items online using the Safeway order-ahead feature

Safeway is also offering $5 off graduation sheet cakes with a digital coupon.  Read all about the cake options available from the Safeway bakery here

See the complete online Safeway Bakery Graduation Brochure or pick one up from the bakery for all the options. 

You can make your own graduation centerpieces to match your theme.  See some ideas for DIY Floral Graduation Centerpieces here.

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Safeway to introduce the new DIY cookie and cupcake kits that are available for order from the Safeway bakery.   As always, we appreciate and encourage your support of the brands that make this site possible. 


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