Signature SELECT Ice Cream Cakes – New at Safeway


Signature SELECT Ice Cream Cakes

Celebrate summer or a special occasion with an ice cream cake now available at Safeway.  The Signature SELECT Ice Cream Cakes are available exclusively at Safeway and Albertsons company stores in 6-inch round, 8-inch round, and 1/4 sheet sizes.  

Your favorite Signature SELECT Ice Cream Flavors are available in cake form in the freezer cases near the Safeway bakery. 

Perfect for birthday parties, graduation celebrations, Father’s Day, or anytime you are craving dessert!  This is an in-store purchase item only.  It is not currently available for online ordering or order ahead. 

Choose from the following flavors:

  • Cookies and Cream – creamy vanilla ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies swirled throughout on a bed of chocolate cake topped with whipped cream and chocolate sandwich cookies
  • Moose Tracks – creamy vanilla-flavored ice cream with peanut butter cups, swirled with Moose Tracks fudge topped with whipped cream and fudge – no cake in this one, just pure ice cream
  • Mixed Berry – creamy mixed berry ice cream 
  • Variety Ice Cream Cake which includes cookies and Cream, Caramel Crunch, Mixed Berry
  • Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Cake
  • Vanilla Ice Cream & White Cake
  • Neopolitan Ice Cream Cake – a trio of strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake

The pricing for the ice cream cakes is as follows:

6-inch ice cream cake $15.99

8-inch ice cream cake $19.99

1/4 sheet ice cream cake $26.99

Ice Cream Cake Coupon

Try the new ice cream cakes this summer and save $2.00 with a new Just for U Digital Coupon through July 4th.


Read all about the cakes and offerings at the Safeway Bakery here.

One unique feature of the Signature SELECT ice cream cakes is the packaging.  There is a plastic film coating the ice cream cake, keeping it in place in the round plastic lid.  There is no need to worry about transporting the cake and accidentally smooshing it or crushing a corner.  It will remain intake with the plastic film. 

To serve the cake, thaw it for about 20 minutes with the plastic film on the cake.  Remove the plastic film just before serving. Slice individual pieces with a large chef knife.   

Review of Signature SELECT Ice Cream Cakes

With three kids, we’ve bought our fair share of ice cream cakes over the years.  My son just had a birthday and he requested the OREO ice cream cake – so I picked up the cookies and cream ice cream cake from Safeway.

It’s a bit different from the Dairy Queen OREO Ice Cream cake in that you can have your cake and ice cream all in one! 

The Cookies and Cream Ice Cream cake has actual cake in addition to the ice cream, whipped cream and cookies!  It was a light, moist cake, with delicious cookies and cream ice cream and loaded with whipped cream and chocolate sauce! We would buy it again!




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