FREE Kuner’s Veggies at Safeway

Kuner's Veggies

FREE Kuner’s Veggies at Safeway 

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. Stock up now and you’ll save some serious cash! Shop at Safeway November 7th – 13th and pick up Kuner’s Veggies on sale for $0.33 per can with the Just for U clip or click coupon. Then use a $0.75/3 Kuner’s coupon(s) at the register – doubles to $1.00 – to score your FREE Kuner’s of Colorado canned goods.  Save a smokin’ 100%!

Kuner’s Veggies Coupon & Sale

Kuner's Veggies

Kuner's Veggies

Looking for recipes to try? Here are some options:

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2 thoughts on “FREE Kuner’s Veggies at Safeway”

  1. I’ve run into a NASTY development recently at several Safeway stores in Denver. I scan a still-good (not expired) coupon that is NOT marked “Do Not Double” and the computer does not double it (50 cent coupons). When I call for help, the checkout person (or manager) tell me that “if the computer doesn’t automatically double it, we CANNOT manually adjust.” They say they are FORBIDDEN to override the computer. I have seen NOTHING in writing about this and I have read nothing about double coupons being discontinued!

    Anybody else encounter this new development? HAS the double coupon policy been discontinued?

    When I’ve asked WHY the coupons have not doubled, several Safeway workers have said “it must be a manufacturer’s error.” Balderdash! The double coupon policy is strictly SAFEWAY! NOTHING to do with the manufacturers! (Except when the manufacturers put “do not double” on the coupon).

    Each time this has happened, I have walked out without buying anything, leaving the products at the checkout stand for the STORE workers to replace on the shelves. I am angry about this, but even angrier that personnel lie to my face, making up policy rules on the spot, rather than correcting for the error.

    Again, has anyone else encountered this? How did you handle it?

    1. Hi Lynn, This sometimes happens when the price of an item is less than the coupon value when you have to purchase multiple items. It has to do with the way the coupon comes off the transaction. In the Kuner’s case, it is trying to take $1.00 off 1 can of vegetables, rather than spread the $.33 off each one, so the system doesn’t double the coupon. I’ve only had people tell me this with the Kuner’s coupons. Safeway should still double the coupon (up to $1.00), so I would go through the regular check out lane rather than the self-checkout. A store manager should be able to override if it doesn’t automatically double, especially if the coupon doesn’t say Do Not Double. Hope that helps. If you have other examples of coupons not doubling – please let us know – but I’ve found all checkers manually override the coupons, so I never use self-checkout.

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