New Open Nature Compostable Eco-Picnic Paper and BPA Free Products Now Available at Safeway


Open Nature Compostable Products

In celebration of Earth month, Safeway has launched a new line of “Eco-picnic” tableware and bamboo products under the Open Nature brand. Perfect for spring and summer gatherings, you can pick up the Open Nature compostable paper plates, utensils, snack bags, straws, cups and more now available at your local store.

The new line includes BPA-free plates, bowls, cutlery, cold cups, hot cups, and flexible straws which are all certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI®), who guarantees products are tested and verified according to scientifically based standards.

This new line extends the Open Nature Home Care products into a new category.  We recently reviewed the new Open Nature Non-Toxic and Biodegradable Cleaning line perfect for spring cleaning here.

What does Compostable Mean?

When you compost, the organic material collected is sent to a commercial facility where it gets turned into a high quality soil amendment known as compost.

Safeway is elevating environmental stewardship and helping consumers live greener with the launch of these new earth-friendly products.  You can do your part in living a greener life by purchasing the new compostable products the next time you have a need for paper products.



I received a package with the new compostable Open Nature paper products from Safeway and since it’s Earth Day, I wanted to share with you my thoughts about the line.

I am thrilled about the new line because as an avid paper towel over-user I always have guilt every time I throw away used paper towels.  This is because I go through at least 10 paper towels a day.  Trust me, I know how expensive this habit can be and I know it’s not the most environmentally friendly habit, but with the new Open Nature bamboo paper towels, I feel better knowing that they will compost more quickly than traditional paper towels.


Open Nature Bamboo Paper Products

Open Nature has added a new bamboo Facial Tissue, Bamboo Washable Rayon Towels and Bamboo Paper Towels.

Bamboo, which is a grass rather than a tree, is easily renewable because it grows quickly and matures in only three years.

It takes up less land, uses less water than trees and requires zero pesticides to grow.  In addition, bamboo reduces soil erosion and greenhouse gases while capturing more carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere than cotton or trees.

The new compostable paper plates and plastic-free cups, utensils and straws are made with a new proprietary plant-based material that is certified compostable.



Where can the Open Nature Products be Composted?

The new line of compostable products can be composted in industrial composting facilities.  So if you participate in a compost removal program with your weekly trash removal, you can place the items in your green compost bin.

The Open Nature paper products cannot be broken down in a backyard compost system, but you can do your part by placing them in a composting bin.

Open Nature Hot Cup with Lid and Snack Bags

The next time you want to take a cup of coffee on the go and your portable coffee tumbler isn’t handy, be sure to take it in an Open Nature compostable cup with lid. Both the paper cup and the lid are certified compostable, so you can feel good about not adding more unnecessary paper and plastic to the already overcrowded garbage and recycling facilities.  Again, be sure to dispose of it in a compostable bin so that it can be properly composted.


If you use snack bags for lunches or snacks on a daily basis, there are new compostable snack bags available that you can seal and reseal very easily.  These bags are BPA Free and perfect for carrying fresh fruits and veggies and other snacks to work, school or after school activities.


Open Nature Compostable Trash Bags

The Open Nature compostable trash bags are available to give you a separate manner in which to dispose of or collect your compostable products.   If you garden, you may already have a backyard compost bin, and you are likely already collecting your produce scraps, peels and egg shells for compost.

If not, take your composting one step further by using the Open Nature compostable trash bags for collecting all compostable matter and easily dispose of it in a commercial compost bin.


The new Open Nature Compostable products are reasonably priced as well.  Take a look at the prices of the items in the line here:

  • Open Nature Compostable Cold Cups 20 ct. on sale for $3.49 through April 30th
  • Open Nature Compostable Hot Cups with Lids 12 ct. on sale for $3.99 through April 30th
  • Open Nature Compostable Plates 20 ct. on sale for $2.49 through April 30th
  • Open Nature Compostable Bowls 20 ct. on sale for $2.49 through April 30th
  • Open Nature Compostable Cutlery Assorted 24 ct. on sale for $1.79 through April 30th
  • Open Nature Compostable Forks 24 ct. on sale for $1.79 through April 30th
  • Open Nature Compostable Spoons 24 ct. on sale for $1.79 through April 30th
  • Open Nature Compostable Straws 50 ct. on sale for $1.79 through April 30th


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Safeway to introduce you to the new line of Open Nature compostable products available at your local store.  As always opinions are our own and we appreciate and encourage your support of the brands that make this site possible.

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7 thoughts on “New Open Nature Compostable Eco-Picnic Paper and BPA Free Products Now Available at Safeway”

  1. I love the hot cups, but, my local store in Lakewood WA stopped carrying them. Where can I get them now?

  2. Joyce E Muchanic

    Bought Open nature sandwich bag at Safeway and i can not get them open all are sealed tightly.
    have to cut top off to open. Will not buy again.

  3. Bought Open Nature Small Trash Multipurpose Bags. The bags seem well made but as others have commented the perfume these bags are infused with is horrible smelling and way way too strong. Why is it needed at all? When you handle the bags the smell gets all over your hands. Really gross and unnecessary. It’s a total deal breaker for me. The bags at 3 gallons are also just a bit too small for a small trash bag. They should be 4 gallon.

  4. Not good for people with chemical and/or fragrance sensitivities.

    I purchased Open Nature compostable lawn and leaf bags because the brand I usually buy, Biobag, wasn’t available.

    I’m sorry to give a bad review, but these are bad. They have a horrible, strong floral smell, and it doesn’t state anywhere on the box that they are scented.

    It would have been nice to have a little warning because I go out of my way to purchase fragrance free products. Besides, why would you add fragrance to a lawn and leaf bag? I hate to say it, but the smell from these bags literally makes me sick. I will be returning this item but I consider buying in the future if the manufacturer gets rid of the fragrance.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for letting us know. I did not receive the compostable lawn and leaf bags to sample, otherwise I would have caught that immediately as well, being sensitive to fragrances myself! We will be sure to pass the feedback along!

  5. Bought Open Nature/Small Trash multipurpose bags. The smell of the bag is extremely strong. So strong hurts my throat. Will not buy again.

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