STOCK UP on Kuner’s of Colorado Canned Beans, Tomatoes and Veggies – 12 Cans Just 5¢ Each

Kuner's of Colorado Beans Sale

Kuner’s of Colorado – 12 Cans for 61¢ Total

Wow, oh wow – what a sizzlin’ HOT deal we’ve got headed our way on Kuner’s of Colorado beans, tomatoes and canned veggies! Stock up for the season with this sweet deal. Even before coupons, it’s a great price. That being said, the pot gets sweeter thanks to Kuner’s coupons, yay! Shop at Safeway September 5th – 11th and pick up 12 cans of Kuner’s products on sale for $0.33 each when you purchase 12.

Before you head to the store, be sure to print new Kuner’s coupons to pair with the sale. When you get to the register, use any combination of printable coupons $0.60/2 – $1/3 for extra savings.  These are DND coupons, which means they will not duplicate at Safeway, but with this price, doubling isn’t necessary and you’ll save 95%!!   Plus, there are two prints of each coupon available – yeah buddy!

That means you’ll score 12 cans for just $.61 total or $.05 each after the deal! If you purchase 24 cans and use 2 of each printable coupon listed below plus 2 Buy 2, get 1 Free coupons from the SmartSource 7/22 insert, you’ll take home 24 cans for just $.11 each  Talk about a phenomenal deal – wow!

Kuner’s Canned Vegetables, Tomatoes, & Beans Deals

  • Pick up twelve (12) or twenty-four (24) cans of Kuner’s Canned Vegetables, Tomatoes, or Beans 14.5-15.5 oz. on sale for $0.33 each when you buy 12, mix and match; valid 9/5 – 9/11

AND – this is a Game Time Rewards participating item, so you will get 2x rewards points towards gas or groceries with your purchase!

Kuner's Tomatoes Coupon

Here is one sample scenario to follow when purchasing the Kuner’s canned veggies, beans and tomatoes this week:

  • Buy 3 canned tomatoes $.33 each
  • Buy 6 cans of beans $.33 each
  • Buy 3 cans of vegetables $.33 each
  • 12 cans = $3.96
  • Print and use $.60 off 2 tomatoes coupon DND
  • Print and use (2) $1 off 3 cans of beans coupon
  • Print and use $.75 off 3 cans of veggies coupon DND
  • Final Price = $.61 for 12 cans, which is $.05/can


Kuners Canned Sale


Kuner’s canned beans, tomatoes and corn are perfect in lots of recipes. Try our version of Kuner’s Cowboy Caviar or our Black Bean and Corn Salsa, or even homemade black bean burgers. Perfect for a simple side, an easy entertaining dish, or just anytime you want a healthy snack!

Check out additional recipe ideas perfect for entertaining using Kuner’s canned foods here:

White Bean Burgers

8 Layer Greek Hummus Dip

Black Bean & Corn Salsa

Turkey Chili Taco Soup

Pumpkin Hummus Dip

Scalloped Corn Casserole


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4 thoughts on “STOCK UP on Kuner’s of Colorado Canned Beans, Tomatoes and Veggies – 12 Cans Just 5¢ Each”

  1. Followup to above:

    Bought 24 cans of Kuners Veggies/Tomatoes/Beans yesterday and was prepared to spend $0.33 per can as I expected coupons to NOT work per above, and lo-and-behold they did (mostly) work. It appears that for this promotion the price that mattered for the coupons to work was the base club price ($0.75 per can) and not the case-discount price ($0.33 per can), as the $0.60/2 and $0.75/3 coupons were accepted without a hitch, but the $1.00/3 coupons were rejected. And, management actually overrode those!

    There was a bigger problem, however. None of the case-discount purchases I made range up correctly as case-discounts! In addition to the Kuners I also bought 12 cans of Hormel Chili and neither the Kuners nor the Chili rang up with the case discount. When brought to management’s attention they said there was a problem with mismatch between printed ad and store software. Ad says “Mix and Match”, but store software was NOT allowing this. So when I bought 6 Hormel Chili Homestyle with beans and 6 Hormel Chili with beans store computer did NOT recognize that as a purchase that qualified for 12-case lot price. Same thing with Kuners, where purchase of 6 green beans, 3 corn, 3 green peas, 6 tomatos, and 6 beans was not recognized by store computer as meeting 12-case lot threshold.

    During discussion with management about this problem, another problem came up. First page of Printed Ad has 5 sections with 12-case lot offers (Signature Kitchen Cereal, Progresso Soups, Hormel Chili, Kuners, and Signature Kitchens PB/Jelly); each section has its own price thresholds and offer requirements and each section has wording “Limit 24 products total”. Because of how this wording is listed it appears to set up a separate Limit-24 for each of the 6 sections. As explained by manager, it does NOT: the Limit-24 applies to all 6 of these sections in a single aggreated total.

    Final after manager overrides for case-lot discounts for 12-Hormel Chili and 12-Kuners, but disallowing case-lot discount for the other 12-Kuners was:
    $9.00 for 12xChili ($0.75 each)
    $0.00 for 12xKuners Veggies ($0.33 ea, reduced to 0 after 4x $0.75/3 doubled to $4 off)
    $1.50 for 6xKuners Tomatoes ($0.75 ea, reduced to $0.25 ea after 3x $0.60/2 doubled to $3 off)
    $2.52 for 6xKuners Beans ($0.75 ea, reduced to $0.42 each after 2x $1.00/3)

    1. YIKES! Thanks for passing this along! I will send to my contact at Safeway ASAP! Are you saying for the 2nd set of 12 Kuner’s products, you were charged full price ($.75 ea.) in the same transaction but then the manager had to override it?

  2. The $0.75/3 and $0.60/2 Kuners Vegetables/Tomatoes coupons contain wording that states “DO NOT DUPLICATE”; they do NOT state “DO NOT DOUBLE” anywhere on the coupon. I used one of the Kuners Tomato $0.60/2 coupons yesterday and it DID double.

    That said – at least at the 3 Safeway stores close to me – none of the Kuners coupons will work during this sale. All of these stores software appears to refuse to accept coupons for multiple items unless the base price of at one of the items exceeds the value of the coupon – or, in other words, the store software appears to try to attach the full value of a coupon to a single item each time. (For example, a Siggi’s Yogurt $1.00/2 coupon will work when base price for 1 Siggis is $1.00 or more, but will NOT work when base price is $0.99 or less). I have printed out the Safeway coupon policy on this and taken this to each of the stores and discussed this multiple times with various managers and they refuse to adjust. Maybe your Safeway is different, but I’ve yet to find one where this is NOT a problem.

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