Chicken of the Sea Wild Catch – Try for Just $2.00 at Safeway


Chicken of the Sea Wild Catch 

New Wild Catch™ from Chicken of the Sea. Premium fillet pieces of wild-caught Albacore Tuna, Alaskan Salmon, or Ahi Yellowfin with just water and sea salt. And packed with 23g+ of protein.

Chicken of the Sea®, a leading provider of healthy, delicious and responsibly-sourced seafood, is pleased to announce the launch of Wild Catch, the company’s latest innovative product line, which features premium, wild-caught and hand-selected cuts of fish packed with just water and sea salt.

Wild Catch comes in three responsibly wild-caught, preservative-free varieties – Albacore Tuna, Ahi Yellowfin Tuna and Alaskan Salmon – each providing at least 23 grams of energy-boosting protein per 4.5-ounce container.

“Wild Catch is the delicious answer for today’s consumers who are looking for a healthy, all-natural and versatile protein they can add to their everyday meals,” said Patty Essick, Director of Innovation, Chicken of the Sea International. “Whether topping a salad for lunch, adding as the finishing touch to your favorite pasta dish for dinner or enjoying right out of the cup as a snack, Wild Catch is perfect for anyone looking for a nutritious, high-quality protein any time of day.”

The quality of Wild Catch is also easy to see thanks to its eye-catching package design, which features a transparent window that shows off the large hand-selected pieces of premium fish filets to be enjoyed in every cup, as well as a convenient, resealable lid.

Review of Wild Catch Tuna

We are a big tuna-eating family and this product appealed to me initially because of the packaging.  It comes in a resealable cup that you can refrigerate if you don’t use it all at once.  That is so much easier than a can that you have to repackage in a food storage container.

I like to eat tuna on a salad almost every day for lunch, but I don’t always want 5 oz of tuna – and like to save half for the next day.

I sampled all three varieties and I think they are all delicious!  The albacore tuna was flaky, light and it didn’t taste as salty as the canned variety.  It does have the same amount of sodium, but it must just be how its packaged which makes it taste a bit different.

My kids love tuna and asked me to only buy this tuna from now on because they can easily open the package and eat it with a fork.  No can opener, bowl, mayo or condiments required – unless of course, you want.

I can see this being a popular lunch item in my house during the school year.  It also did not have the overpowering tuna smell that you get from the can or pouch!  Win, win!





The launch of Wild Catch comes on the heels of the brand’s introduction of Infusions™ last year, a line of ready-to-eat, wild-caught tuna infused with herbs and spices and packed with fresh flavor. Building on the success of its existing Lemon & Thyme, Sundried Tomato, Thai Chili, and Basil flavors, Chicken of the Sea has also rolled out new Smoked and Cracked Black Pepper varieties of Infusions, available now.

Look for Wild Catch alongside other Chicken of the Sea favorites in the tuna aisle at your local Safeway, and enjoy the new products in recipes such as:

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video credit: courtesy of Chicken of the Sea YouTube Channel

  • Chicken of the Sea Wild Catch Albacore Tuna, Salmon or Yellowtail Tuna on sale for $2.00 through July 26th
    • Final Price = $2.00


Note – it retails for $2.47 at Walmart – so it’s cheaper to buy it at Safeway.



Chicken of the sea wild catch

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