Chobani Smooth Cups Coupon and Sale, Pay Just $.16 each Cup

Chobani Smooth Yogurt

New Chobani Smooth Yogurt Coupon and Sale

Try the new Chobani Smooth Yogurt at Safeway for just $.16 a cup with a new coupon and sale!  Chobani Smooth Yogurt is a traditional non-Greek Yogurt product that is available in seven delicious flavors including vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, mixed berry, peach, black cherry, and strawberry banana.  Not all the flavors are available at Safeway yet, but I’m sure they will be soon.

Chobani Smooth

June is National Diary Month, so it’s no surprise we are seeing all these great dairy and ice cream deals this month!  Read more about what’s on sale in June here.

Check out a couple of smoothie recipes we’ve shared that use yogurt for which you can use the cheap Chobani yogurt here:

Strawberry Ginger Mango Smoothie

Berry Smoothie Bowl

Watermelon Smoothie Bowl

Cantaloupe Smoothie Bowl

Chobani Smooth Yogurt Coupon Deal Details:

  • Chobani Smooth Yogurt Cups on sale for $.50 each through July 1st

Chobani Smooth Yogurt Coupon

Here are some other great deals on Chobani Yogurt with coupons at Safeway:

  • Chobani hint of flavor yogurt cups on sale for $1.00 through July 3rd

chobani coupons

We are giving away $400 in Safeway Gift Cards this month.  Enter to win here.

Check out the newest printable coupons available for extra savings at Safeway here:

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3 thoughts on “Chobani Smooth Cups Coupon and Sale, Pay Just $.16 each Cup”

  1. The second of the Just4U digital coupons you list above (the one for Chobani a Hint of) Shows up with a different wording on my account:

    Save $1.00
    any three (3) Chobani® a Hint of, Drinks or Smooth
    One-time MFG Coupon Expires: 7/3/2018

    From this it would appear the coupon applies not only to Chobani a Hint of, but also to Chobani Drink, and Chobani Smooth. Just to be sure I did check the Chobani website (list of products) there to make sure there are NOT Chobani a Hint of Drink and Chobani a Hint of Smooth products (and there are none listed).

  2. In actual use this digital coupon is problematic. At two different Safeway’s yesterday I purchased three Chobani Smooth yogurts (for $0.50 each) and had the digital coupon ($1.00 off when buy 3 of these) on my account, and yet the digital coupon did not work. The problem appears to be that the $1.00 of the coupon is applied to a single item and since the price for a single is $0.50 the coupon is rejected. This has been a consistent, recurring problem at Safeway in that both digital and printed coupons are rejected on multiple item coupons when the price of a single item in the multiple is LESS than the value of the coupon. (For example, when my unlimited personalized price for Siggis Yogurt was $0.99 each the $1.00/2 Siggis coupon was consistently rejected, but when the personalized price was $1.00 or higher the coupon goes through with no problem.) Yesterday, at the first Safeway the manager refused to override, while at the second Safeway a manager did override.

    1. Thank you for letting us know – we will pass your comment along to our Safeway contact and hopefully they can fix this issue asap!

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