Prairie Legacy Grass-Fed Beef From Colorado – New at Safeway


Prairie Legacy Grass-fed Beef

New at Safeway, you’ll find Colorado’s own, Prairie Legacy grass-fed beef available as fresh 92% lean ground beef in the meat case. 

When it comes to shopping for great-tasting beef, it’s no longer just about choosing the right cut and grade.  We know that an animal’s diet is also an important factor in determining the quality of the beef.  

The way the cattle are fed can have a major effect on the nutritional composition of the beef. 

Grass-fed cattle graze in pastures, where they eat a variety of grasses, hay, and alfalfa. 

Prairie Legacy is a brand of the Rocky Mountain Natural Meat Company, headquartered in Denver Colorado.   The company raises heritage-breed Criollo cattle in spacious free-range pastures of Colorado.  

image credit: Prairie Legacy

The Criollo cattle were brought to the Americas by the Spanish during Christopher Columbus’s expedition to the new world. 

For over 500 years, these cattle have been adapting and thriving in the arid climate of Mexico and its border regions including Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.

They eat significantly less than larger-framed English breeds of beef cattle, require less water, and can live on the sparse open range.

The small, athletic framed cows easily traverse the mountainous and arid landscapes of the Southwest, traveling long distances to search for water and grass.

The Criollo cattle have a natural resistance to diseases, which means they require no antibiotics in their life cycle, resulting in completely natural meat that is very lean and tender.

All Criollo cattle harvested are grass-fed, and grass-finished, and all-natural. Their diet has been exclusively their mother’s milk, then grass, hay, and alfalfa.

No grain, no antibiotics, no hormones.

Criollo beef has exceptional flavor and tenderness yet is lower in total fat, saturated fatty acids, and cholesterol than traditional breeds.

This naturally lean beef has a higher proportion of red muscle fibers versus white muscle fibers and that translates into increased tenderness through all the cuts of meat.

Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is lower in total calories and contains a higher nutritional value.

Grass-fed beef looks different than conventional beef at the market.  To start, grass-fed beef has less marbling than conventional beef due to its leanness. 

Because grass-fed beef is leaner, it cooks more quickly than grain-fed beef.  It also has a different, more pleasant aroma when cooking. 

Grass-fed beef has a more complex flavor profile due to a varied diet on the pasture.  The taste is clean, rich, and beefy. 

The cattle experience a stress-free, humane lifestyle on an open pasture rather than in a feedlot.

Cooking with Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef can be used the same way conventional ground beef is used – burgers, meatballs, meatloaf, tacos, and more.  Check out some ground beef recipe ideas below. 


Recipes using ground beef:

Cheesy Beef Goulash

Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps

Killer Beef Chili Recipe

Tangy Mustard Burger

Grilled Greek Pita Burger


Review of Prairie Legacy Ground Beef

I prepared a Salisbury steak recipe using the Praire Legacy Ground beef to rave reviews of my family.

What was immediately apparent to me was how soft and tender the beef was.  It was a completely different texture to conventional ground beef.  It also fell apart easier because it is so lean and tender.

It was incredibly flavorful and I absolutely will buy the grass-fed beef again because of the taste, texture, and the fact that it is grown locally here in Colorado with no grains, no hormones, or antibiotics. 

Try the new brand of grass-fed ground beef on sale now at Safeway.  The ground beef is sold in a one-pound package and is 92% lean with 8% fat.  You’ll find it in the fresh meat case and it’s on sale for $5.99/lb. through November 1st.  

Give it a try!  Be sure to let us know what you think. 


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