Rocky Ford Cantaloupe In Season and On Sale at Safeway



Rocky Ford Cantaloupe

Rocky Ford Melons are a sweet and tasty annual rite of summer for many.

Rocky Ford Melons are legendary for their characteristically sweet and juicy taste. Since the first crop in 1887, Rocky Ford Cantaloupes have set the standard. What makes them so good? The Colorado growers use the best agricultural and farm management practices, but they can’t take all the credit. That’s because it’s a combination of the right climate and growing conditions for growing the sweetest melons.

In the Arkansas Valley, the growing season is marked by unusually hot days and cool nights. This wide temperature variance accelerates growth and sugar levels, making the melons sweeter. The Arkansas Valley is an ancient, fertile valley of nutrient-rich soil fed by cold, mountain snowmelt: perfect melon-growing conditions that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Rocky Ford cantaloupe season lasts for about seven weeks, with the end of harvest in September. Regardless, about 4 million cantaloupes will be produced and sold.

According to farmers, the cantaloupes are the best in the world due to a combination of blazing hot days, cool nights, and freshwater from the Arkansas River that irrigates the valley.

In 2011, The Rocky Ford Growers Association™ was formed to protect Rocky Ford Cantaloupe farmers and the consumers who love the sweet and juicy melons they grow. Rocky Ford Growers Association™ member farms must produce melons within the boundaries of the Rocky Ford growing region: Otero County and Crowley County south of the Colorado Canal.

Check out 3 recipes using fresh Rocky Ford Cantaloupe here:

Cantaloupe Salsa With Grilled Chicken


Chili Lime Grilled Cantaloupe


Cantaloupe Smoothie Bowl

cantaloupe smoothie bowl

The F.D.A. recommends that consumers rinse all raw produce, including cantaloupes, under running water. Firm produce, like melons, should be scrubbed with a produce brush. The washed produce should be dried with a clean cloth or unused paper towel.

Pick up your fresh Rocky Ford Cantaloupe from Safeway on sale for $.47/lb. through August 9th.


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